Academy Mentoring Program

In a confidential setting, young talents from the real estate, construction, and financial services industries have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and visions relating to sustainability and digitization of the real estate world of tomorrow with international industry experts.

For one year, the personal bilateral exchange is the focus. All discussions are based on mutual trust and respect for one another.

Principles and process of the mentoring program

Participation in the mentoring program is voluntary for everyone involved. Her motivation is based on the sustainable development of the real estate and construction industry based on interdisciplinary knowledge transfer. The young talents are allocated based on the formulation of their interests and intentions when applying for the mentoring program.

At the beginning of the year, the mentoring program starts with a physical kick-off meeting for the respective year. The focus and the meeting cycle of the respective mentoring are individually agreed upon between mentor and mentee at the beginning of the program. The aim is to have about one exchange per quarter.

After half a year, there is a joint exchange of experiences and networks for the entire year. At the annual Global PropTech Summit, participants have the opportunity to present the knowledge gained during the mentoring program to the international community.

Are you under 30 and want to be part of the 2023 mentoring program? Apply for it till the 30th. September 2022.

If you have any questions about the mentoring program, Tina Störmer (Delegate of the Executive Board) will be happy to help:

Mentoring Program Application

Mentoring Program Application

Checklist for Upload
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GDPR Agreement
The application process requires access to resources containing both general and sensitive data. PropTech Academy takes privacy and the handling of information seriously, and handles it in confidence with utmost care. We will provide information on best practice for sharing sensitive data to ensure security. It’s necessary upon the completion and submission of the application form that you provide the required documentation in full for each section. Failure to do so will delay the validation process.

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