Strategy 2030


It is our pleasure to share with you the new PropTech Academy Strategy 2030. Setting up new standards and norms, the building of new property technology competence centers, sustainable and digital transformation of the markets, and humanizing of technologies in respect of human rights.

Strategy 2030, like our International PropTech Standards, will be regularly reviewed and revised. In this way, we will ensure that it remains fit for purpose as we adapt our intentions and actions in line with our changing environment and aspirations. Strategy 2030 is implemented in cooperation with regional partners. It will be complemented by two key tools; the implementation plan, which will outline the concrete actions we will take towards our goals and priorities, and the measurement framework, which we will use to continually measure our progress.

We are seeing an acceleration of profound changes in society and also in the markets, especially the impact of technologies and digital transformation of business areas and lifestyles.

It is clearer now than ever before that realizing the purpose of our organization is about infinitely more than our success. It is about fulfilling our vision to make life and business easier, safer, and better for all the people in the world. Our bold vision and mission, outlined on the following pages, show with clarity our purpose and the strength of our convictions, which are well-aligned to the United Nations Global Agenda for 2030 and its goals (SDGs).

The PropTech Academy Strategy 2030 sets us on an important mission: Make a better world with transparency, respect, and cooperation.

We are living in a world where change is a constant and where challenges and disruptions can be global in scale. International construction and real estate markets are experiencing a revolutionary and lightning-fast change. To be well-positioned within this fast and rich context, we must have a clear and agile strategy that defines our purpose and goals and what we want to achieve whilst allowing us to anticipate change and adapt quickly to the world around us.

In this sense, the notion of continuous improvement is one of shifting and evolving targets. We have come a long way in our short history and contributed to great progress. We need to go further if we want to ensure that PropTech Academy will continue to be at the forefront of positive change in the global PropTech market.

With this in mind, the PropTech Academy Strategy 2030 sets out our vision, mission, goals and our priorities. These priorities are designed to be regularly reviewed and adjusted when needed, to respond to any changes in our external environment.

We have defined 2030 as a milestone to reflect on our progress and evaluate our fundamental work as an organization. This time frame aligns with the United Nations’ ambitious Global Agenda for 2030, which, as outlined through the 17 sustainable development goals, will require international collaborative effort to become a reality. PropTech Academy believes that standardization and regulation play a globally key role in sustainable transforming real estate, construction and finance sectors.

The PropTech Academy’s central platform – encompassing the construction, real estate, and finance sectors – provides a combination of innovation, technology, and sustainability. As a unique innovative space, the Academy’s primary goal is to create an intellectual community of multi-disciplinary professionals to conduct specialist work on innovation that can positively influence the development of these sectors.

  1. Setting up Standards & Norms,
  2. Building regional PropTech Competence Centers,
  3. Sustainable and digital transformation of the markets and sectors,
  4. The integration of the property technology in the university landscape,
  5. Sharing the Swiss Innovation with all countries.

We realized the needs and gaps at the beginning of 2018 and started to develop the first standards for the global PropTech market.

The primary objective of standardization is the definition of voluntary technology, innovation, sustainability or quality specifications with which current or future products, production processes or services may comply. Standardization can cover various issues, such as standardization of different grades of service and products or technological specifications in product or services markets where compatibility and interoperability with other products or services are essential.

Standardization can make an important contribution to the development of sustainable and transparent industrial policy, unlock the potential of innovative markets, and strengthen the position of PropTech in  the sectors. It brings a solid foundation to build and disseminate innovative technologies and enhance business practices.

Sustainable and digital transformation of the markets and sectors

The sustainable digital transformation of the markets is the main study program of the PropTech Academy research and development center. Ideas, business models, new services and products are investigated regularly, and the academy members also develop new assessment and evaluation methods for the companies and business areas. The international PropTech standards need a regulated market, and our R&D program also focussed on regulating the business through certification and labelling in the real estate and construction sectors.

Building regional PropTech Competence Centers

A PropTech competency center is used to coordinate property technology skills with all market players and experts. The centers provide expertise for a project or program support, development of new business models, and new solutions acting both as repositories of knowledge and resource pools for multiple business areas in the real estate, construction, and finance sectors. A center of competency develops common solutions and acquires new skills that are then spread throughout the ecosystem to increase the likelihood of success of technology adoption and humanization of the solutions.

1. Promote best practices and standard processes that enable repeatable success,

2. Provide the needed expertise to solve specific problems that are related to development and deployment,

3. Help participants become self-sufficient in knowledge and expertise,

4. Create a focal point in the ecosystem for looking ahead to new disruptive technologies and issues beyond the immediate focus of current projects.


The integration of Property Technology into the university landscape

As a pioneer of property technology (PropTech) knowledge and the builder of a PropTech-based learning system, PropTech Academy aims to cooperate with all universities. For PropTech Academy, cutting-edge research and education are inseparable. Each feeds the other. When they’re not busy pioneering the frontiers of their fields, Academy members play a vital role in shaping the construction and real estate sectors — as advisors, coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, and much more. PropTech Academy develops CAS and DAS modules such as technology, innovation, and sustainability for the MSc in Real Estate and Construction.

Digital Transformation

We share our Innovation with all countries

Since 2011, Switzerland has led the world in innovation.

Switzerland not only offers fertile ground for innovation but also inspires many new creations, as the number of patent applications and inventions shows. It also has a high number of scientific publications. As an innovation strength of Switzerland, PropTech Academy aims to import and integrate Swiss Innovated solutions into every countricountryes. All approved label holders have a strategic mission: humanizing of property technology for the world.

PropTech Academy as an international central authority of

PropTech market will lead the world in innovation too.

The goals we have set ourselves are stepping stones to our vision and will help us to ensure that our work makes global and accessible. They will help maximize our impact and ensure that, through our members, we bring experts together to agree on International PropTech Standards that address global challenges. PropTech Academy’s goals for 2030 are:

  • Standards used everywhere,
  • Everyone has access to property technology,
  • Everyone has right to learn property technology,
  • Humanizing of property technology for a better world,
  • Promoting of smart and sustainable cities,
  • Regulation and centralization of the certification process for the companies, institutions and organisations,
  • Development of the united transparent market for real estate, construction and finance sectors.

We launched the PROPTECH ACADEMY STRATEGY 2030 to supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations and promotes all the goals in our activities and projects. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. For more information about the goals, please visit; SDGs official page.

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