As PropTech Academy, we are pleased to announce that Cubigo is certified with International PropTech Innovation Label

Cubigo IPILabel

Cubigo connects and streamlines the non-clinical operations and communications within senior living communities. Quickly make every department more efficient without disrupting current workflows.

  • Increase occupancy by boosting referrals and preventing early move-outs.
  • Do more with less staff. Create efficiency by automating and simplifying workflows.
  • Delight residents and families with easier request processes and better communication.

Cubigo has been focusing only on the senior living industry for more than 10 years. As a consequence, Cubigo has in-depth industry knowledge. From a technology perspective, Cubigo provides a platform that is ready to support and transform large enterprises in their digital transformation towards resident-centric service delivery and data-driven business processes.

Cubigo is integrating all operations into one platform. This includes Point-of-sales, Digital Signage, CRM system, transaction management (e.g., making transportation requests, maintenance requests), engagement system (e.g., activities and well-being), etc.

The platform approach allows to configure any workflow, create smart links between services, and integrate smoothly with existing solutions. It prepares senior living operators to seamlessly plug in new technologies and expand the functionalities of the platform as they move forward on their digital transformation journey. Cubigo’s enterprise platform integrates smoothly with more than 30 clinical, operational, and financial solutions to eliminate redundant data entry. Consolidate information from all departments across all communities to create interactive dashboards that provide actionable insights.

Cubigo has a team of over 50 people who have been focusing on bringing innovation to the senior living industry since 2011. Cubigo employs only the best IT specialists with an innovative approach to creating IT solutions, constantly focusing on the real needs of the senior living communities. If your senior living organization wants to stay ahead of the curve and implement a best-in-class technology, please get in touch with us at